2007 Aeropup 2 Seater

Price: $35,000
General Information
  • Category: Private Seller Aircraft
  • Aircraft Type: Recreational/Experimental
  • Total Time Airframe: 0 Hours
  • Serial #:
  • Reg Expiry: /
Contact Details
  • Name: Robert Barton
  • Suburb: Boorowa
  • State: New South Wales
  • Post Code: 2586
  • Country: AUSTRALIA
  • Home Phone: 02 63851582

Aeropup 2 Seater Ultralight Aircraft 80% complete
Quick Fold Wings
Unfinished Project due to ill health
All construction, controls, covering, and painting, is complete. Carpet, vinyl,Engine Cowl, Spats, Spinner, extra paint, Construction Manuals etc. all included.
Fully Enclosed Trailer
22ft x 8ft approx. built for Aircraft Transport, complete with electric winch for 1 man operation.
Reg'd Dec 2010

Engine & Engine Specifications

Subaru EA 81
Fully rebuilt, modified Cam + extras

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