The Brisbane Airshow has been rescheduled to July 2-3 2022.

As part of the Brisbane Airshow 2022, Plane Sales will be running an Aircraft Market. This is a great opportunity for private sellers and dealers of pre-loved aircraft to showcase their aircraft to a wider audience – and see a great airshow at the same time

Aircraft dealers are more than welcome to fly in and display their clients aircraft. The Brisbane Airshow is a great chance to not only showcase your client's aircraft but also your business and the service you provide. Please note the Aircraft Market area is NOT for manufacturers.

For private sellers who wish to display an aircraft it's as simple as flying in before the air show starts and positioning your aircraft in the sales area. We'll do the rest while you enjoy your day. (Including keeping an eye on your aircraft)

The Brisbane Airshow will be held on the weekend of the 2-3 July 2022 and will see an attendance of over 8500 enthusiasts per day. This allows a fantastic opportunity to have your aircraft in front of a captive crowd for the day or even the weekend.

So, we've come up with a fantastic all inclusive package for only $145.00, the package includes:

  • 1 x Adult Ticket (tickets to cover both days or extra attendees can be purchased)
  • 1 day in the Plane Sales Aircraft Sales Zone
  • 1 x feature listing on the Plane Sales Australia website.
  • Laminated aircraft details sheet to adhere to your aircraft for sale

Note: If you already have an aircraft listed on Plane Sales Australia all you need to do is purchase a ticket for the airshow for you and your passengers. The listing on the site is already covered.

There's no issue if you're attending the Airshow as a last minute decision. Due to Covid-19 uncertainties we understand that planning long term simply isn't on everyone's radar. You and your passengers are more than welcome to turn up on the day (try and at least call us first). We are pretty flexible on how we're running this event. Get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

Please take a moment to review some of the rules and regs with regards to displaying your aircraft at the Plane Sales Aircraft Market

  • Customers with existing Plane Sales listing are encouraged to attend and will not be re-charged for their online listing. If you have an existing Plane Sales listing you will need to contact Gavin Carlson on 0419 772 350 or by email HERE .
  • Booking and Payment ideally should be no later than 2 days prior to attendance at the event.
  • Sellers who arrive unannounced on the day will be able to display in the Plane Sales Aircraft Market area, but will be required to pay the full cost of using the area including admission to the airshow and your listing on Plane Sales.
  • Everyone who enters the airshow, pilots or passengers, via the Aircraft Market must have a valid ticket for the day
  • The Plane Sales Aircraft Market area is for second hand pre-loved aircraft only. It is available for private sellers and aircraft dealers. Manufactures and sellers of new aircraft must display their aircraft in the trade area of the event.
  • All aircraft must be positioned within the Plane Sales Aircraft Market area prior to commencement of the airshow at 9.30am. Ideally your aircraft should be shut down and in position by 9.20am at the latest, the airspace will be closed from 9.30am on both days.
  • Please contact us for an arrival and departures briefing sheet.
  • We are accepting arrivals from 2.00pm until last light on the Friday prior to the event. Contact us for details.
  • No under-wing camping is permitted within the Plane Sales Aircraft Market area. Overnight camping can be arranged via an additional cost. See the Brisbane Airshow website for details.
  • Once your Aircraft is in position within the Plane Sales Aircraft Market area it cannot be moved until after the Airshow has ended for that day.
  • Other than for arrival and departure, engines may not be run or 'tested' in the Plane Sales Aircraft Market area.
  • Persons displaying aircraft are responsible for chocking, securing and tying down their aircraft.
  • Your aircraft will be roped off from the general public and supervised during the day
  • Plane Sales are facilitating the Aircraft Sales Market. We are NOT acting as aircraft brokers. However, we will take prospective buyers details to pass onto the seller.
  • Photographers will be on-site to photograph your aircraft as a free service for or to improve your listing.
  • If you're lucky, some aircraft may be photographed and videoed to feature on the Brisbane Airshow and Plane Sales social media pages.

Make sure you keep in touch and contact Gavin Carlson from Plane Sales on 0419 772 350 if you have any questions.

Looking forward to seeing you at the show


Gavin Carlson

Manager - Plane Sales Australia

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