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Our site traffic

At Plane Sales Australia our site traffic is consistently over 20,000 users per month with 48% of those returning on a regular basis. This translates to over 28,000 user sessions every month. On average our site visitors spend over 4 minutes on the site each time they visit.

Private sellers

Why pay a monthly fee to list online or in print when for a one off listing fee you could be advertising on Plane Sales. Advertising on Plane Sales Australia is easy, cost effective and it only takes a few minutes to create your ad from your own home or office (or even your phone). Why not give it a go!

  • Number 1 aviation sales site in Australia.
  • Mobile and tablet compatible.
  • 10 photos.
  • You Tube Video in your ad.
  • Unlimited changes and the ability to self manage your ad.
  • Monthly, fortnightly or weekly listing statistics sent directly to your email.
  • Put your aircraft in front of more potential buyers than any other site on the web - 20,000 plus visits per month.
  • Only $75.00 (incl GST) total cost until sold.

Commercial Sellers - use Plane Sales to display all the aircraft that you have in stock

Whether you're an Aircraft Dealer, Flying School, Auction House or any business that has the need to sell an aircraft, Plane Sales will be the easiest most cost effective way to advertise your aircraft. List your aircraft for a discounted fee of only $55.00 total cost until sold and we'll make sure it's seen by the people who matter - buyers. We're also happy to talk about even lower rates for bulk listings.

  • Number 1 Aviation sales site in Australia.
  • 10 Photos.
  • You Tube Video in your ad.
  • Discounted rate for individual listings of $55.00, total cost until sold.
  • Multiple listings even cheaper.
  • Self manage your account with unlimited changes.
  • Add multiple team members all under the one profile.
  • Your business logo and social media pages displayed prominently in your profile.
  • Dedicated business profile page.

Want to know more - call Gavin Carlson on 0419 772 350

why choose us?

  • Fixed price until sold
  • Great search functionality
  • Quickest and most effective way to sell an aircraft
  • Feedback that lets you know how you are performing
  • Members section full of great features
  • Discounts available for dealerships
  • Completely backed by our dedicated support staff
  • Slattery's use Plane Sales for every auction or aircraft sale we have. We've received terrific feedback from potential buyers and found our advertisements reaches a much broader spectrum of users.Tim Deeble, Slattery Auctions
  • is the best value way to sell aircraft. A sophisticated website, that appeals to genuine buyers and responds quickly. Have sold 8 aircraft using Planesales is the best there is.Peter
  • It’s an important consideration when planning a client campaign that you enjoy the support of the media you’re investing in. Plane Sales always go above and beyond. Their enthusiasm to get involved and assist with strong placement and value added is always noted by the client and us as their agency. Brad Jones - Managing Director Admix Media
  • I think the format you use for entering info about the aircraft onto the adds is the best I've seen. Brenton - Selling a Piper Colt, Aug 2017
  • We sold our aircraft in less than a week. Great communication with Gavin and couldn't be happier with the result. Would not hesitate to recommend this service. Fast, simple and effective. Carla - Sold a Cessna 172, Sept 2017
  • From the moment I listed the first aircraft I was getting a lot of questions and interest. So much that I had 2 serious potential buyers within a week! I think I could have sold it 3 times over. Great exposure.Phillip - Sold a Murphy Renegade Biplane, Nov 2017
  • The combination of a low price and a taildragger C150 gave 22 significant enquiries over a 2 week period which was spectacular compared to selling attempt about 18 months before using paper print. Clinton: Sold a C150 Feb 2018

List your aircraft. Sell your aircraft. Sold!

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