Banner ads are a good stand alone advertising option to promote your business or get a message out to the aviation community.

All banners link through to the website of your choice. There's no set time minimum to run the banners but we suggest 2-3 months to get your message across. We can assist in producing banners for your business for as little as $55.00 for one banner or $95.00 for 3 different sizes. Once produced, these banners are yours to keep.

Pricing: We have a flat fee pricing model of $225 per month inc. GST. For this you get the following

  • 2 placings on the Plane Sales website that run concurrently. A horizonal and a vertical banner. These are rotated through different positions on the site every month.
  • A banner placement in our weekly "Latest Listings" newsletter.
  • Monthly Goggle Analytics data showing number of clicks your banner has received.
  • No set up costs and you are billed monthly.
  • You can cancel at any time without penalty as we do not lock you into advertising contracts.

(Below are example graphics only and are not "live" banners. Live banners are to the right of screen).

Size 1: Verticle Tower 400 x 800. These banners are our largest and sit on every listing page as well as the homepage. When a user opens and views an individual listing, they will see your business and message.

Size 2: Horizontal 880 x 110. These banners sit in the middle and bottom of the search results page as well as at the bottom of the individual listings. Great exposure

Size 3: Newsletter 1200 x 400. This goes into our weekly "Latest Listings" email newsletter.

Please get in touch if you'd like any more info about running Banner ads on Plane Sales Australia.

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