Owner and founder, Gavin Carlson, started Plane Sales in 2008. Our first website was pretty basic and we've since had 2 site rebuilds.

After all these years the mission hasn't changed. We have one purpose - to bring aircraft and helicopter sellers an effective and reasonably priced online advertising database. We've never made this complicated and pride ourselves on our no BS approach to doing business with our customers.

We aim to provide:

  • The most complete and up-to-date internet listing of aircraft for sale in Australia
  • The easiest and most powerful site of its type for aircraft sales
  • The quickest and most effective way to bring an aircraft to market
  • An easy to use, searchable online aircraft database
  • A once only pricing model. Pay to list your aircraft and it's online until is sold.
  • Cost effective advertising prices - far more cost effective than print advertising. Listing an aircraft for sale is still $75.00 for private sellers and $55.00 for dealers.

Our site traffic - March 2021

Plane Sales Australia consistently receives over 150,000 site sessions per month. Of these visits nearly 39% are returning visitors. In any given month we'll receive over 350,000 page views. Our site gets the traffic, it's as simple as that. On top of that our social media pages are there for our sellers. Our Facebook page has over 9,000 followers, Instagram over 10,000. We use these to get your listing in front of even more buyers.

What do we offer buyers & sellers?

Aircraft Buyers
We like to keep things simple. Our straight forward drop down search function allows buyers to drill down and sort through our listings. We provide up to 10 photos and full pages of information on each aircraft for sale. If you find something that interests you, you contact the seller directly.

Aircraft Sellers
Our aim is to get your aircraft exposed to the maximum number of potential buyers for the least financial outlay. You only pay once to list an aircraft on Plane Sales Australia. Unlike our competitors, you will not receive an invoice every month to keep your listing online. That's how we run the site and it won't be changing anytime soon.

Our Listing costs

At Plane Sales Australia we don't hide our advertising charges. Our base listing prices are cheap. Of course you can speck these up to a feature listing if you like for a little extra. We have separate pricing tiers for private and commercial sellers:

  • Private Sellers - It doesn't matter if you're selling a Cessna 172 or a Boeing 747, your cost will only be $75.00 per aircraft listing. For that your aircraft stays online until sold.
  • Commercial Sellers - If you're an aviation related business then we offer a discounted rate of $55.00 per aircraft total until sold. We are happy to discuss even lower rates for bulk listings.

Sold Aircraft Listings

We have a sold aircraft database that can be found at the bottom of the home page. This is an excellent research tool if you're a buyer or seller.

Payments & Security

We understand that not everyone feels secure using their credit card to pay online. That's why we have encrypted security on every page of our website. Just look for the little padlock in your browser. We have 100% confidence in the company we use to process and look after our payments. All our credit card processing is done by Stripe. Feel free to check out their website. Also note we do not store your credit card details. Once you have paid for the listing your card details are erased off the Plane Sales website. If you're still not convinced we are happy to list your aircraft and either take your payment details over the phone or have you deposit the listing fee via EFT. The choice is yours, contact our admin if you have any questions.

Featured Dealer

  • Just to let you know we have sold our RV9-A thanks to your website and your prompt correspondence. Thanks.Callum - Sold an RV9-A in October 2023
  • Thank you for a very economical and efficient means of selling with excellent support at all times. Unmatched anywhere. Vicki – Sold a Vans RV9-A December 2023

List your aircraft. Sell your aircraft. Sold!


One off cost for private sellers

Here at Plane Sales Australia we don’t believe in ongoing monthly fees to keep your aircraft listed online. In the digital world these ongoing monthly costs just don’t cut it. Whether you’re selling a Gulfstream G650 or a Cessna 172, on Plane Sales Australia private sellers only ever pay a one off fee of $75.00 to list their aircraft.

Flexible pricing

Aircraft dealers and commercial sellers have a choice of pricing and listing packages. List one aircraft for a once only cost of $55.00 or contact us to list your entire inventory for a set monthly fee – the choice is yours. If you're currently using one of our competitor’s websites then contact us about a introductory free trial.

Easy to add listings

You’ll find Plane Sales Australia has the most user friendly interface for signing up and listing an aircraft for sale. You can even sign in using social media. It’s that easy! Signing up, adding a listing and uploading photos takes less than 3 minutes. Why not give it a try?

Promote your dealership

If you’re not taking every opportunity to promote your business online then you can be sure your competitors are. Why not create a dealer profile to increase your online presence and link back to your website and social media pages. There's no cost involved in this.

Constant feedback

If you’ve listed your aircraft online then you’ll need all the data showing how your ad is performing and who’s made an enquiry. At Plane Sales Australia we archive all listing enquiries so you can see exactly who’s enquired about your aircraft and the number of views the aircraft listing has received.

Advanced search capabilities

Are you looking for a low hour N Series Cessna 172 in Victoria? How about a Bell 206 Jet Ranger in New South Wales? It’s easy using Plane Sales Australia. Our advanced search function allows you to “drill down” as little or as much as you like to find the exact aircraft you’re looking for.

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