Are you an aviation professional?

The whole idea behind Plane Sales Australia is to make your aviation business look good. Let's face it, if your business doesn't look good neither does ours.

One of the great features of Plane Sales Australia is the ability for commercial users to add a customised business profile. This is basically a directory listing that shows info about your business. Best of all it cost nothing to set up. Anyone operating an aviation related business, such as aircraft dealers, FBOs, flight schools, LAMES and auction houses can set up a business profile. There's no cost to you and you don't have to be selling an aircraft. Simply sign up to the Plane Sales Australia website then get in touch with our site admins - we'll do the rest.

For Aircraft Dealers you can use our site to showcase all of your customers' aircraft without the worry and cost of maintaining your own website. Simply use ours - no extra charge.

We're here to help. Call Gavin Carlson on 0419 772 350 if you have any questions

Many thanks

Gavin Carlson - Site Admin

  • Plane has sold. Going to Murry Bridge, SA. Thank you for your site it has been a pleasure dealing with you. No tyre kickers, just genuine interest. Susan - Sold a Jabiru J430 Feb 2021
  • Sold through, easy to list, edit and monitor, much better value than the other mob! Paul - Sold a Scout September 2021
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