The Australian Defence Force Chooses the PC-21

The Australian Defence Force Chooses the PC-21

Pilatus Aircraft Ltd is delighted to announce that the Australian Defence Force (ADF) has signed a contract for the purchase of 49 PC-21 training aircraft. Under the new contract, "Team 21" – a partnership between Lockheed Martin, Hawker Pacific and Pilatus – will deliver aircraft, simulators, other training equipment and a comprehensive long-term support package. The Australian Defence Force competitively tendered for a new Pilot Training System under "Project Air 5428", from which the PC-21 emerged as the winner after a thorough evaluation and contract negotiations. This package will harmonise training across all three services with the PC-21 providing a modern, cost-effective Training System for basic and advanced pilot training.

Oscar J. Schwenk, Chairman of Pilatus, commented:

"We are delighted that after 28 years of Pilatus PC-9 operations the Commonwealth of Australia has chosen to endorse our reputation for providing world class Training Systems with this new contract. I am equally happy that Team 21 won the deal against all international competitors and that, in the final round, the Australian Defence Force has chosen the Pilatus PC-21 over all other aircraft – once Pilatus, always Pilatus!"

Markus Bucher, CEO of Pilatus, added:

"We are truly happy that the Commonwealth of Australia, a valued long-standing customer, has shown their continued trust in Pilatus training systems by signing this new contract. This decision is further proof of the quality and flexibility offered by Pilatus, a world class provider of Training Systems."

The PC-21 is a proven and efficient Training System which is already operating in Australia. The PC-21 has been in service with the Republic of Singapore Air Force at RAAF Base Pearce in Western Australia since 2008 and is also operated by the Air Forces of Switzerland, the UAE, Saudi-Arabia and Qatar. With this latest order 180 aircraft have been sold and Australia is now the sixth country to revolutionize their pilot training with the PC-21.

The PC-21's for Australia will be delivered commencing June 2017 and will form the backbone of future pilot training for the Australian Defence Force for the next 25 years. Pilatus will continue to provide the ADF with premium Swiss quality and work with our partners to provide a world class training system – the Pilatus PC-21.

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