• Lockr Life PL

Importer and distributor for AeroJones CTLS range of aircraft.

The AeroJones CTLS is one of the most functional LSA aircraft on the market today. With a typical empty weight of around 350kgs (subject to selected options) it can carry plenty of fuel alongside two people and baggage. The performance of the aircraft will see you cruise at 115TAS on around 15lph giving you plenty of range at an economical cost. All aircraft are fitted with a ballistic parachute system to protect you and your loved ones in the event of the worst case scenario occurring.

  • Aircraft Parking (Hanger)
  • Aircraft Parking (Outdoor)
  • Aircraft Parts
  • Ferry Services and Pilot Hire
  • Fuel (Avgas)
  • New Aircraft Sales
  • Toilet facilities
  • Used Aircraft Sales
Lockr Life PL

Contact Details

Trading Name: Australian Aero
Address: 3 McInnes St
Location: Australian Capital Territory, Australia
Director: Michael Monck
Office:0419 244794
Mobile:0419 244794
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