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Stick 'n Rudder is a flight training organisation accredited to provide training for both Recreational Aviation Australia (RA-Aus) and Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) certificates and licences.

We provide training for pilots seeking to enjoy recreational flying all the way up to commercial aviation operations. Stick 'n Rudder was founded using tailwheel aircraft and operating from bush strips and still to this present day is our speciality activity which we are well known for.

Our courses not only meet but exceed the regulatory requirements. With their careful development in combination with the exclusive use of tailwheel aircraft and a training environment inclusive of bush-strip and off-airport operations, we are able to produce more competent and confident pilots.

Come pilot your own adventure with us!

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Contact Details

Trading Name: Stick 'n Rudder
Address: 102/157 McNaught Road
Location: Queensland, Australia
Head of Operations: Douglas Field
Trading Hours:Monday - Friday (8am to 5pm) Other days by appointment only.
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