Lloyds are the preferred partner of a large cross-section of the Gold Coast's Corporate and Private enterprise. Our standards of practice, service, skill and qualifications are second to none.

We offer a comprehensive Auction and Valuation service and have partnerships with large number of Corporate entities including many of Australia's Leading Financiers (Asset Rationalisation), Forensic Accountants (Corporate Recovery and Insolvency), Legal Professionals (Reports and Arbitration), Insurance and Loss Adjusters (Asset Rationalisation) and a large number of Corporate and Private Clients. We are also endorsed Auctioneers and Valuers for State, Commonwealth and Local Government Departments.

We offer over 100 years' experience in Auctions, Valuation and Asset Management Projects in the region and Nationally

  • Used Aircraft Sales
Aviation Specialist:David Crick
Phone:+1 411 861 186
Location:Queensland, Australia

Aviation Specialist:Geoff McKew
Phone:+61 419 706 112
Lloyds Asset Services

Contact Details

Trading Name: Lloyds Asset Services
Address: 69 Manchester Rd
Location: Queensland, Australia
Aircraft valuer and Auctoneer: Geoff McKew
Mobile:+61 419 706 112
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