Are you after aircraft maintenance in Lillydale, Victoria.

The aviation industry is not getting cheaper and it is our belief that it is in a vicious cycle of increasing costs. Higher costs drive less flying which in turn is driving a need to cover the same overheads with less work.

Here at Istria Corp. we recognise this and with our continuous improvement background we are aiming to resolve this for the the GA & RA industry sector.

We are very passionate about this sector, especially as Australia is getting smaller and this sector's importance is on the rise. That is why we are preparing ourselves for the future of aviation.

  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Fuel (Avgas)
  • Toilet facilities
  • Used Aircraft Sales
Operations Manager:Jorden Poretti
Phone:+61 420 351 826
Location:Victoria, Australia

Engineering Manager:Radek Bohacik
Phone:+61 408 640 736
Location:Victoria, Australia
Istria Corp

Contact Details

Trading Name: Istria Corp
Address: Hangar 2, 13 MacIntyre Lane, Yering
Location: Victoria, Australia
Ops Masnager: Jordan Poretti
Mobile:0420 351 826
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