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Airsports Flying School is proudly Australia's oldest Sport Aviation Flying School. We have taught pilots from all over Australia and around the world on how to fly sport aircraft. If you fly with AirSports you have an experienced team that will show you how to fly. We only fly modern twin seat CASA type approved sport aircraft.

Like to learn? Why not take an introductory flight. Fly our aircraft with the guidance of an AirSports flight instructor, it's exciting, a challenge and a great experience. On a trial flight your flight instructor will hand over the flight controls to you.

Fly the top of the line TOPAZ a new, modern, comfortable, high wing aircraft with side-by-side seating.

  • Aircraft Parking (Hanger)
  • Aircraft Parking (Outdoor)
  • Aircraft Parts
  • Aircraft Rental
  • Flight Training
  • Fuel (Avgas)
  • New Aircraft Sales
  • Pilot Lounge
  • Toilet facilities
  • Used Aircraft Sales
Airsports Flying School

Contact Details

Trading Name: Airsports Flying School
Address: Riddell Airfield, 280 Websters Road
Location: Victoria, Australia
General Manager: Rod
Mobile:0422 446 622
Search Results: 0 Aircraft for Sale
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