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Foxbat Australia began life in 2002 as SilverWing Aviation, based at Heck Field, Jacobs Well, in South East Queensland. Our first demonstrator A22 Foxbat was built from a kit in the UK - with a great deal of assistance from the UK Aeroprakt agent. It was shipped to Australia in early 2002 and originally retained its UK G-FXBT registration, before first becoming VH-VPH and finally 28-4163.

This aircraft was flown all over the east coast of Australia, using a tiny monochrome Garmin Pilot 3 GPS, until it was sold in 2004 - co-inciding with the delivery of the first Australian customer A22L. With a few developmental changes - reduced fin size and changes to the landing gear - the 450 kilo gross weight A22L was the mainstay of our fleet until the factory launched the LSA-compliant 600 kilo gross weight A22LS in 2009.

In between times, we imported a very limited number of A22LSA Foxbats - a USA development of the A22L with a 544 kilo gross weight, designed to satisfy the FAA light sport aircraft regulations. In 2015 the factory launched the A32 Vixxen, which shares the Foxbat wing but has a completely different fuselage and tail feathers. The A32 Vixxen is probably unique among LSAs in the breadth of its flight envelope - stalls at 27 knots, top speed is over 120 knots - combined with amazing economy - typically averaging 16-17 litres an hour.

The latest addition to the fleet is the A22LS Kelpie, which is at heart a Foxbat, but with a number of extras to suit landowner/station/farmer use - a UHF radio, siren, bigger tyres and a special propeller.

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Foxbat Australia

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Trading Name: Foxbat Australia
Address: PO Box 237
Location: Victoria, Australia
Dealer Principal: Peter Harlow
Mobile:0413 900 892
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