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TowFLEXX – Unique Aircraft Tugs

Towflexx is a manufacturer of Electric Towbarless Aircraft Tractors 'Made in Germany'. Our models cover a huge range of aircraft, from small aircraft and turboprop to the 60 ton business jet.

The larger tugs are towbarless and remote controlled. A unique 360 degree turntable increases safety enormously and gives TowFLEXX the undisputed unique selling point.

Phone:+64 223 977 266
Address:P.O.Box 15, 7643
Location:Rolleston, New Zealand
Towflexx Ltd

Contact Details

Trading Name: Towflexx
Address: P. O. Box 15
Location: New Zealand
Director Towflexx (NZ) Ltd.: Andy Dartmann
Mobile:+64 223 977 266
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