2003 Zlin 42

Single Engine Propeller


Sold on: 11/08/2018
Priced as: AU $79,000
2003 Zlin 42
Aircraft TypeSingle Engine Propeller
ConditionUsed Aircraft
Sale TypeFor Sale
CurrencyAU $
Price $79,000 Excl GST
LocationNorthern Territory, Australia
Registration NoVH-NZL
Serial Number651
Year Built2003
Total Time Airframe1509.5

The 1992, serial 0651, Zlin 242L (ICAO Z-42) is a 2 seat aerobatic trainer designed for both the civilian and military training market. It is fully certified in Europe, Australia, Canada, USA and many other countries.

Note: this aircraft was built in 1992 but somehow I cannot ammend the incorrect 2003 listing on the plane sales website.

Built by Zlin Aircraft a.s. (formally Moravan a.s.) in the Czech Republic, the aircraft comes from a long line of famous aerobatic and military aircraft dating back to the 1930's. Visit https://www.zlinaircraft.eu/en/Aircraft/Z-242-L-Guru-en/ for further information on the Z 242 L "Guru".

The Zlin 242L look and performs very similar to the New Zealand PAC CT-4 or the British Bristol Bulldog. The Zlin 242L is used today by various Air Forces around the world for basic flying training.

The aircraft is rated to +6 / -3.5 g and has some advanced safety systems. The spar is nitrogen charged for early crack detection. The aircraft is fitted with an acceleration monitoring unit (AMU) that records all loading on the aircraft and calculates some maintenance intervals based on actual aircraft operation. The canopy has an ejection system and the seats are designed to be used with or without parachutes.

As of June 2018 the total aircraft time is 1509 hrs. The current maintenance release expires on 11/11/18 or 1589.1 hrs. The aircraft is currently maintained by Coomalie Air Maintenance.

VH-NZL is fitted with a glider tow hook as a standard factory feature. As a 2-seat glider tug, this aircraft would be perfect for training new glider tug pilots.

All metal structure with aluminium fuselage and wings. Sliding canopy can be fully open during taxi for cooling comfort in hot climates.

For the last 5 years the aircraft has been used exclusively for Trial Instructional Flights for Air Force Cadets in the top end of the Northern Territory at RAAF Darwin and RAAF Tindal. Hundreds of kids have experienced the joy of aerobatic flight for the first time with qualified flight instructor (QFI). The aircraft is perfect for this type of operation and has performed above all expectations. Unfortunately, due to recent changes in RAAF funding policies the Zlin no longer being needed.

The aircraft has been hangered most of the time for the last 5 years. Only moving out of the hanger onto the tarmac when military exercise occurs requiring an F/A-18 to take the hangered parking.

The aircraft very versatile platform for personal or commercial use. It performs well at cross country flying, can conduct aerobatics with decent passenger weights and tow gliders or banners.

The aircraft will cruise at 120 Kts above A060.

The aircraft climbs very well off the ground thanks to the 200Hp engine and 3 bladed prop.

The prop can disc to provide substantial speed breaking which is perfect for aerobatic manoeuvres or steep descent approaches

VH-NZL is currently located at Darwin Airport (RAAF Darwin).

Engine Specifications

The aircraft has a Lycoming AEIO-360-A1B6 engine. This is the aerobatic rated fuel injected, 200 Hp engine designed for inverted flight. The engine's top end was overhauled in 2013.

As of the last 100 hrly, the engine has 972 hrs. The TBO is 1400 hrs. The engine has 428 hrs left before on condition.

Piston engine condition report details: cylinder leak rates 79/80 78/80 76/80 78/80. Nil contamination evident.

The engine powers a MT-9, 3 bladed, constant speed, composite propeller which was fully overhauled in 10/7/2013 by Southern Propellers. The prop hours as of last 100 hrly was 254 hrs with TBO 2400 hrs or 6 years.

A new alternator was installed in 2013.

The new starter motor was installed in 2014.

The entire exhaust system was replaced in 2015 with a genuine factory new system.

A new RG24 sealed battery installed in 2018.

A wonderful device called a "Slick Start" was installed with a STC in 2014. Anybody who fly's fuel injected Lycoming engines knows how hard it is to repeatedly start a hot engine. The "slick Start" massively improves starting performance to the point where repeated hot starting is simple and stress free.

The aircraft is popular with every engineer I have spoken to. It contains many inspection ports for easy access. The service manuals are comprehensive and straight forward. The construction is very solid with lots of redundancy. Contact Geoff Morton from Coomalie Air Maintenance ph 0404 334 525 or 08 8976 0080 for more information. http://coomalieair.com.au/


The aircraft was operating in the IFR category up until 2017 when the ADSB mandate occurred. Since then the aircraft has been operating in the Night VFR category. Installation of a new transponder and WAAS GPS would allow future IFR operation.

In 2017 an avionics upgrade was done which included the installation of:

New Trig VHF comm with digital display, dual freq monitoring and audio replay.

Garmin G5 glass A/H, ASI, Altimeter

Garmin Aera 660 touch screen GPS

Dual USB power outlets for powering ipads, phones etc.

The GPS and G5 are linked so tracking data is sent to the G5 from the GPS for heading bugs etc.

All instrumentation is electric with multiple battery backups. There is no suction pump in the aircraft.

The installed com/nav 2, Bendix King KX-165 has stopped working. I have not fixed it as I never use it.

The Bendix King ADF works fine.


The interior is in good condition with minor paint chips and wear marks. Both seats have a sheepskin seat cover. Both 5 point harness are in very good condition.

The tinted sliding canopy is brand new, replaced in 2017.


The exterior is painted white with yellow and blue stripes. It currently has 3M removable stickers for the Air Force Cadet markings. This is the exact same removable 3M brand materials as used on police cars. The stickers will be removed prior to sale.

The paint is in average condition for an older aircraft. On close inspection it is thick and glossy in some areas but faded in other areas. Any corrosion detected has been immediately treated and re-painted. Some areas of fiberglass fairings show wear with large paint chips. Tinted canopy is new and overall appearance is good.

Additional Features

Nitrogen charged spar with cockpit pressure guage

Factory glider / banner tow hook

Acceleration Monitoring Unit (AMU)

Garmin G5 glass cockpit display

Garmin Aera 660 touch screen GPS

Dual throttles for true "hand on throttle and stick" (HOTAS) for both seats.

Air Switch for maintenance hours

Full service manuals and illustrated parts catalogue in paper and PDF

Zlin factory tool kit

Lots of genuine Zlin factory spare parts.

All logbooks, flight manuals, service manuals and AMU download cable and software

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Seller Information

Contact Name:Craig McPherson
Seller Type:Private
Location:Northern Territory, Australia
Listing ID:5014
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