BFDU and Pilots Lounge - Trading Flight for Life

With most Australians living on the coastal fringes, few see the devastation tearing through our country as a result of the worst drought on record that regions of Australia are currently experiencing. With stock dying and rural families suffering BFDU has teamed with PLA and supported by Ringers from the top end and Farmer from down under to raise funds to help the fantastic team at Drought Angels to do there amazing work supporting farmers in desperate need.

Flying is no cheap hobby and has us as pilots putting our hands deep in our pockets every time we choose to fly. Trading flight for life is all about sacrificing and hour or more of your flying time to go something else, Spend time with your family, take the dog for a walk, go to the beach or see a movie. Then take that money you would have put into the aeroplane and donate it toward this worthy cause and help a farmer put some food on the table, feed there stock or put water in their tanks.

For the month of August Plane Sales Australia will donate $30.00 from every aircraft listing toward the Trading Flight For Life Campaign. Simple get online and list your aircraft and we'll make sure that $30.00 goes to the BFDU - Pilot Lounge Campaign. It doesn't matter if you list as a private or commercial seller, we'll donate $30.00.

Not selling an aircraft ? Why not donate anyway?

All money goes to Drought Angels. They support drought affected farmers all over QLD with animal feed, human supplies, re-paid visa's and moral support. They are a Not for Profit organisation with a strong passion to support our farmers.

Click the link at the bottom of the page to donate via the website.

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